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The Original Mole Eliminator® is made in the U.S.A.
This amazing patented mole trap eliminates pesky moles from lawns and gardens. This mole trap has proven its worth in lawns, gardens and golf courses all over the U.S. The original Mole Eliminator® is the most effective mole control device available. It is easy to use and designed for safe operation where tunneling moles create havoc. No tricky triggers. No more silly ineffective methods such as grub removal, mole "chasers", castor oil or mole "bait". This trap works.

Here's what customers have to say:

"We moved into a house with a beautiful yard that had been severely neglected. I tried several other products to trap or discourage moles, but nothing worked as well as these. I ordered four, used them in clusters, and kept my scent to a minimum by wearing gloves. The first year, I trapped 17. The second year, 21. Four months into year 3 and I have killed 5, including some elusive females. It seems that I have finally gotten ahead of the critters, and can now finally start to rebuild my lawn. I will continue to recommend these traps to anyone with moles."

Ed S.   5.1.2016 West TN

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mole eliminator trap


$ 30.50 ea.


$ 29.50 ea.


$ 28.50 ea.

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"Some end of season feedback. I started trapping with two traps in April. Since then I have gotten twenty-two moles! This is the most effective trap I have ever used. On a two acre yard I have managed to nearly eliminate the moles that made my yard look like a World War One battlefield with two traps. The design is simple, powerful, and effective, Thank You!"

Greg W. - West Liberty, OH 08.08.2015

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